Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Presented: Guided Tour of Art

As has been previously mentioned, Philadelphia boutique Art In The Age hung up a bunch of Outlaw Print Co. screen-prints for the month of January on their walls. As has not been previously mentioned, I got a new camera yesterday, so I set off to take some 9 Mega-pixel beauties of the store on my way home from work today. So now you can save yourself the trip. Here:FIRST PICTURE: WINDOW
This is the shop window. Well, at least the half that doesn't say "Art In The Age blah blah blah etc. etc.". Fairly awesome recreation of Joel's "Space Is The Place" poster done by Ben Woodward (I think) in mega-size. Anyways, I think the main point of this is to say, to quote Joe Elliot & Def Leppard, "Step inside, walk this way, you and me babe, Hey Hey".

This is a pretty old one! I might say 2004...? Joel printed this in his basement off of a photo he took. It's a monster building on Ridge Avenue right north of Spring Garden St. Not really sure what the building used to be but I've noticed in the past couple of years it's for sale. Might require a large amount of repairs though as it's unfortunately in fairly sad condition. You can see in the top left corner of the print Joel super-imposed a photo of a tag to keep it real.THIRD PICTURE: WOMEN
Moving towards the back of the shop reveals a nook dedicated to the period during in which the name "Outlaw Print Co." was fairly synonymous with the term "beautiful women". At the bottom is a print done by Joel for our friends' Coyote as they launched a national tour. Above that one is a 3-color print Joel did which eventually became the 2005 Magick Outlaw "Legendary Paramour" shirt. At the top is a true gem, one of Joel's prints done for the Standard Tap's 2005 wednesday night performance series. It certainly does a nice job summing up the several prints we did for them over a year and a half. At the top right is another real gem done for a show at the Khyber for a bunch of really good bands which may or may not still exist: Weird War, The Vexers, and Phil Moore Browne.FOURTH PICTURE: BICYCLES/PEOPLE
This wall is a recent series called "Easy Riders" by Don Vincent Ortega who has been trading us his photography skills in exchange for our assistance printing some of his artwork. These are a collection of photos he took over the past year of his friends and their bikes, which is probably completely evident. What may not be completely evident, on account of them looking 100% expert, is that these are the first screen prints he did at our studio.

This is a portrait Joel printed of Eddy Merckx. Eddy Merckx is a retired championship road and track cyclist. He was very, very good.

This wall shows off a collection of prints that Joel and I did during 2007. All the way on the left is a poster Joel did for a band called The Walkmen. A recent comment on gigposters.com regarding this poster was that it "absolutely slays in person". Which perhaps would be further proof that you just can't go wrong with a neon tiger. The second and fourth posters from the left are two different prints done for Quentin Stolzfus's former band Mazarin. They are both pretty clean and sharp, which is the way Quentin likes 'em. Third from the left is a faux-wrestling advetisement Joel did in tribute to his childhood hero Bruiser Brodie depicting one of Bruiser Brodie's epic struggles with champion Harley Race from 1979. It is both humorous and intense. Further on down this wall are several other prints, however it is at this point that the guided portion of this tour concludes. Thank you for your interest and I hope the information has been valuable.


Ingrid Wiese said...

I really love your work and am going in tomorrow to buy two of your prints. I really love the framing job on your framed pieces and was wondering where you had it done. Can you help?

Dr. Giggles said...

Thanks alot for the compliments. Hope you enjoy the prints! We actually did all of the framing ourselves. It's an on and off hobby.

neil said...

beautiful work, put me on the mailing list, would have liked to see these in person. bravo.