Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Contest. Win This Terrific Shirt. NO CONTEST! OVER!

Well. In the interest of (a.) showing off this sweet new jawn of ours for the '09 summer and, (b.) seeing if anyone reads our blog, we've got one of our new Crystal Forest shirts going out to the first person who leaves the correct answers to the two questions following in the "comment" arena. Totally. You will be the first person to wear this shirt, other than me.

High-performance bass player Billy Sheehan holds a position of Operating Thetan Level 3 as a member of which religious church?
What super-star guitarist has performed in the bands and on albums of Frank Zappa, P.I.L., David Lee Roth, & Whitesnake?

UPDATE: We've got our winner. Congratulations to Lauren in MN! And thanks to everyone who made this contest incredibly thrilling!


ryder said...

i don't know the answers to your questions mr. pete but i do know that is a rad t-shirt. nice work.

Anonymous said...

i dont know how the internet works and i tried to answer and it wouldn't let me but the answers are scientology and steve vai. thank you, i know.

Mr. Pete said...

eh...but it did let you answer it genius...can I send you your prize or what?! send me an email...??
and hey who really knows how the internet works anyways.

Laura Nunzi said...

1) Billy Sheehan holds a position of Operating Thetan Level 3 as a member of the Church of Scientology!!!!

& 2) Steve Vai

Mr. Pete said...

alright nunzi...on account of vincent giving you the thumbs up as his homegirl, we'll send you a 2nd place promises, but email us your address and size, OK? and thanks for participating in our exciting contest.