Sunday, November 30, 2008

Leather Rebels

So I'm gonna assume that if you're reading this, you're probably familiar with concepts such as "total synchronicity" and "complete tandemonium". In that spirit, we've been combining efforts with Linda Smyth, electric engineer behind the Fleathers label of jewelry, to take her next-level earrings to the next next-level. While Linda ought to receive the bulk of the credit for the finished product, we've been having a pretty good time behind the scenes adding our patterns and dreamscapes to the leather she uses for her epic creations. With the outcome resembling something like a visual blitz combining jungle shocks, downtown glamour, and secret midnight whispers, we're pretty enchanted by the results. We're doubly pleased several times over that we've just recently packed up many pairs and shipped them to a handful of stores such as Sirens & Sailors in L.A., Belle et Rebelle and Off The Hook in Montreal, The Wasteland in San Francisco, Bzar in Tokyo, as well as homebase outposts Grasshopper and Topstitch in Philadelphia. If you happen to be located near any of these, I bet you can figure out what I might recommend you to do. And of course if you're not, you oughtta latch into the Fleather Myspace Arena and check out what's going on there at any time you please.
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